Return of Israel - Rulebook

After managing the Easy Rules you can move forward to use Basic Rules and Experienced Rules. Rulebook page 27 - Judah and Ephraim - updated 29.09.2020 and pages 11 and 14 - The use of snake disc - updated 27.10.2020 and some typos - updated 26.02.2021. US-English updated 25.03.2021


Return of Israel - Easy Rules

You can start the strategy game with these Easy Rules. Easy Rules page 6 - The use of tribal cards - updated 28.10.2020. US-English updated 19.03.2021


Return of Israel - Quick Game

QUICK GAME - rules: You need only Game board, Reversal disks, Pawns, Dice, Tribal boards, Tribal discs and Tribal cards. US-English updated 26.04.2021